For those of you using (or thinking of using) Marketo as your company’s marketing automation software, this blog post is not one to be missed!

Many clients come to Lead Lizard without a full understanding of the capabilities of Marketo’s forms. Instead, they have a broad idea of what they’d like to achieve. (For example, having a form field “appear” when applicable or stay “hidden” when not.) It’s our job to take our experience with Marketo and JavaScript to create advanced forms that bring these ideas to life.

Examples of advanced Marketo form work
There are many customized form behaviors that we can help you build. For example, we can:

  • Create dynamic fields that “appear” when “triggering” fields are selected.
  • Send leads to varying follow-up pages based on answers selected. Example: sending a lead that selects United States as their country to an English Thank-You page, while sending leads to a Japanese Thank-You page when Japan is selected.
  • Change the length of individual fields on the form.
  • Pre-populate fields based on lead answer. Example: When selecting Australia, the “Country Code” field populates with “+61,” while selecting United Kingdom populates with “+44.”
  • Make checkboxes mandatory. Used in instances where you need leads to accept Terms of Agreement before continuing to next stage. Additionally, when a form is submitted the date/time stamp is recorded.

Case Studies
Below we’ll discuss a few forms we recently built for our client, a globally recognized email marketing provider.

Case Study #1:
Marketo Form Objectives:

  • Capture precise geographic information. When a lead selects their home country, specific location-based fields appear. For example, if they choose “United States” a “State” field will appear. If they select “Canada” a “Province” field will appear.
  • Segment the phone number into three fields with varying lengths: Country Code, Main Phone and Extension.
  • Pre-populate the Country Code field with the appropriate code, based on the lead’s country.
  • Format the lead’s phone number into an American style format only if “United States” is selected as their country: (xxx) xxx – xxxx
  • Many clients aren’t aware that the “submit” button on forms can be modified. This can include changing the label name (from “submit” to “Sign Up”), moving its location, or uploading an entirely new image to replace the button.
  • Forward geographic information to chosen fields. Example: When “United Kingdom” is selected as a country, its chosen Postcode is submitted as the lead’s “City.” However, if “Canada” is selected as the country, its province is submitted as the lead’s “State.” See below for an example of how we achieved this!

To “forward” our lead’s geographical answers to specific fields of our choosing, we first created three custom fields:

  • Postcode_UK
  • Province_Canada
  • State_Australia

The three city/state fields above represent the countries our client is primarily focused on for leads (United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia, respectively). In this case, the United States’ states are already sent to the correct “State” field for leads. Thus, we only needed Canadian Provinces and Australian States to be “sent” to the State field, with United Kingdom Postcodes being “sent” to the City field.

Marketo Form Logic 1

We achieved this by setting up the logic in the form’s Smart Campaign (see above) to submit the lead’s token value (representing the State/Province/Postcode) into the lead’s State (or City) field.
And voila!

Marketo Lead Details 1

Final Customized Form:


Case Study #2:

Marketo Form Objectives:

  • Create an email Preference Center for leads, to control which company documents they’d like to receive communications for.
  • Include two checkboxes, one to “Subscribe to All” emails and another to “Unsubscribe to All.”
  • Segment each email group into its own section, with headers and subtext with varying text font/size.
  • Remove initial values on radio buttons.
  • Mark all “Yes” radio buttons when “Subscribe to all” checkbox is selected.
  • Mark all “No” radio buttons when “Unsubscribe to all” checkbox is selected.

Final Customized Form:

Screenshot - Email Preference Center

Marketo Resources

As seen in the examples above, Marketo forms are incredibly versatile and can be modified to your company’s precise needs and desires. As a Marketing Automation Agency, Lead Lizard has a team of strategists and web developers that work exclusively with Marketo and advanced form creation.

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