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Megan Lueders quickly rose through the ranks at LifeSize, starting her journey as a marketing programs manager and growing steadily toward her current role of Vice President of Global Marketing. Megan attributes her success to being able to wear many hats within the enterprise and foresee new marketing trends. She is widely regarded as a thought leader in the marketing and demand generation space, and was recently selected as a finalist for Eloqua’s Modern Marketing Leader of the Year award. Our conversation touched on marketing automation best practices and how to become a modern marketing leader.

Lead Lizard: Congratulations on being nominated for The Modern Marketing Leader of the Year award. What qualifications was Eloqua looking for when you were being selected?

Megan: When looking for the modern marketing leader of the year, Eloqua was seeking a marketing visionary. They want someone who is able to foresee trends, be innovative and push their team to embrace change. A marketing visionary has to be able to capture a marketing message and deliver it to every aspect of the business.

As a marketing visionary, you have to set goals, deliver on a strategic vision and plan how to achieve those goals. It’s important to have a leader who can react quickly and plan for the future.

Lead Lizard: What are some marketing campaigns that you’ve run that you are particularly proud of?

Megan: I’ve run quite a few over the years. One campaign that I’m particularly proud of was not your “traditional” marketing campaign. We found a fun and engaging way to reach different demographics and expand our brand.

We called it “Conference Call Bingo.” It involved the online version of a bingo card, and the card was full words that are typically heard during an audio conference call. The bingo card would say things like, “I just joined,” “Can everyone hear me?” and “I’m on mute.”

Since these key phrases are consistently used during audio conference calls, people were able to play conference call bingo while increasing the awareness of LifeSize, a video conferencing company.

Lead Lizard: Do you have any tips to marketers aspiring to be marketing visionaries?

Megan: Marketing visionaries should understand the importance of metrics. Everything is measured today. Metrics are critical to performance, how you’re spending your budget and where you want to invest again. There’s no golden playbook, so there has to be a focus on data analysis. Anyone who’s aspiring to be in marketing needs to understand this.

Embrace change. Marketing is one of the fastest changing organizations in every company. The technology, tools, buyers’ demands, products and competitive landscape are always evolving. Marketers must thrive in this environment and anticipate trends before they happen.

Lead Lizard: Where should marketers be putting their energy to better their organizations?

Megan: As the marketing world is evolving, marketers need to spend about 10 percent of their time learning. This can be learning new, creative methods or viewing other companies to see how they are delivering their messages.

Learning requires a dedication to reading trends and testing out your different processes to ensure that you’re always making your organization better. In my opinion, having deep insight into what’s working today and how to do it better in the future is the key to a company’s marketing success.

Lead Lizard: A big part of what is expected of modern marketers is their ability to successfully qualify leads for sales. Do you have any best practices for turning visitors and other less engaged individuals into customers?

Megan: To turn less engaged visitors into customers, you need to nurture them along the journey by creating conversations and staying top of mind. You can do this by sending emails, engaging on social media or even holding a contest that specifically targets them. It’s easy to customize content with email automation and videos.

Lead Lizard: What are some of your tips for building a lead scoring program?

Megan: The beauty of lead scoring is that it’s a constantly-evolving model. If you’re just starting out, your company will have more success by starting small, growing into it and testing along the way. With this in mind, you can figure out what your model is. Buyers are always changing, and the way that you give them content needs to mold to those changes. So as a marketer, it’s important to be open to the evolution of your programs.

Lead Lizard: What are your thoughts on lead scoring as a program? Is it something that should be in every modern marketer’s tool kit or is it overblown?

Megan: In my opinion, if an organization has a relationship with customers and responsible for generating demand, they should have lead scoring in their portfolio. Should they have it at the top of their to-do list? No. But if you use lead scoring, you can better prioritize your customers. It’s important to keep this on everyone’s radar and let it grow over time.

Lead Lizard: Any final thoughts to share?

Megan: I think that companies have stopped viewing marketing as a cost center and firmly believe in marketing’s ability to generate revenue. Today, with marketing automation platforms and analytics, we have the ability to tie our efforts back to true revenue dollars. Marketing has the opportunity to prove its critical value within the organization by leveraging new tools, trends and technologies.

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